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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Manchanabele Dam, Bangalore

About 40 Kms south of Bangalore is this beautiful dam built across river Akravati, off Mysore highway. It is a wonderful destination for nature lovers.

 The water body is safe and clean. You will enjoy boating, swimming or just wandering around in hills. Its a place where you can spend few hours, half day or have day visit. There are options to put a tent for overnight stay.

Nothing much beyond this, but I am sure if you need a break from hectic city life and do not wish to travel for more than an hour, than Manchanable Dam could be a good option for you.

Water and nature

Best time to visit:
Post rains as water is ample and nature at its best.

Cost per head:
Nothing apart from your travel cost. You may find few shops in neighboring villages but around dam, there is absolutely no shops, so carry your food along.

Overall rating: 4 on 5